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Cool Science Experiments (

Cool Science Experiments (  Rate it

Cool Science Experiments is all about learning by doing. It fits right in with "DIY Topics". We believe that the absolute best way to learn is by getting involved and doing it yourself. The goal with Cool Science Experiments is to promote more hands on learning and help fill some of the gaps that exist in the education system. read more...
Organic Chicken Feed (

Organic Chicken Feed (  Rate it

Organic Chicken Feed is all about organic feed as you might suspect from the name! Organic Chicken Feed is an extension of our Raising Chickens niche. It's important enough that we believe that it warrants it's own space. Making the decision to go all natural and organic whenever possible helps us all promote long term sustainable life on this planet.

Juicing (

Juicing (  Rate it

DIY Juicing is a niche we launched to promote healthier living. We support the movement away from processed foods. We also believe there is a myriad of undiscovered knowledge that is associated with the benefits of phytochemicals. As a family owned company, we discovered the benefits of juicing because we have family members that have impacted by cancer. And to put it simply, CANCER SUCKS. As we did more and more research......

Chicken Coops (

Chicken Coops (  Rate it

DIY Chicken Coops is about getting out there and doing it yourself! From building your own chicken coop to raising chickens, we started to help people raise chickens in their own back yard. It's about getting back to the basics, taking more control of the food we eat and having fun doing it! It's like Theodore Roosevelt said, "It's not the critic who counts..... the credit belongs to

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