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Cool Science Experiments is all about learning by doing. It fits right in with "DIY Topics". We believe that the absolute best way to learn is by getting involved and doing it yourself. The goal with Cool Science Experiments is to promote more hands on learning and help fill some of the gaps that exist in the education system.

We intend to bridge the gap between written knowledge and applied knowledge. Helping link the learning principles to the real world application. We're starting right here with Cool Science Experiments!

Furthermore, we want to partner with teachers and their schools. If you are an educator, please reach out to us to find out how to partner with us. We want to give back to your community. We will donate 25% of proceeds back to the communities that support us. We can do that by donating ready made science experiments to schools, school supplies for your classrooms or sending money to the educational institution of your choice. 

We are very excited about Cool Science Experiments! Please join us in making this a success. We want to hear about your experiments, your projects, and learning techniques! We want to share your ideas with the global community and support your local community. That's what we're about: learning by doing, Education and Community! Thank you for your support!