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Juicing (diyJuicing.com)

DIY Juicing is a niche we launched to promote healthier living. We support the movement away from processed foods. We also believe there is a myriad of undiscovered knowledge that is associated with the benefits of phytochemicals. As a family owned company, we discovered the benefits of juicing because we have family members that have impacted by cancer. And to put it simply, CANCER SUCKS. As we did more and more research, we believe that the high concentration of nutrients and phytonutrients that can be consumed through juicing can benefit everyone.

diyJuicing is about more than just juicing. It's about getting more whole foods that haven't been processed into your body. We advocate a drinking a lot of pure water, drinking green smoothies, eating fresh clean vegetables, getting plenty of exercise, eliminating plastic bottles and supporting a sustainable healthy environment.

Our company pledge is to find ways to support your community. With diyJuicing.com, we are partnering with various cancer foundations. Twenty-five percent of proceeds will be donated to support the fight with cancer. If you have a particular foundation that you would like us to support, please let us know. If you are part of an organization and would like to partner with us, just let us know!

Thank you for your support and interest in diyJuicing.com